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Crabmeat/Crawfish Corn Soup
Preparation: 55 minutes
Contains: 17 ingredients
Category: SeafoodVeggie
Difficulty: Moderate

Crabmeat/Crawfish Corn Soup

22 Oct 2015 6 3 4 Comments
With cool weather upon us,.this hearty soup will definitely hit the spot. There are many variations of this soup, so feel free to add what you enjoy. I used broccoli that was chopped to give substance to this soup.You can also add diced potatoes. Whatever option you decide, it will…
Crawfish Nachos
Preparation: 20 minutes
Contains: 12 ingredients
Category: Seafood
Difficulty: Easy

Crawfish Nachos

25 May 2015 13 6 13 Comments
My son came home from college and asked me if I knew how to make Crawfish nachos. I looked a little puzzled since I hadn’t heard of that before. He told me that they sold this item in  Lafayette  around campus and  they were delicious. He didn’t quite know how…
Crawfish Stuffed Eggs
Preparation: 30 minutes
Contains: 10 ingredients
Category: Seafood
Difficulty: Easy

Crawfish Stuffed Eggs

9 Apr 2015 14 6 4 Comments
During Crawfish season there are always a few crawfish tails left over after a Crawfish boil. I like to recreate a meal from leftovers and come up with tasty appetizers. I figured  If I can prepare something before dinner to snack on, my family won’t knock each other down getting to the…
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